Pilot Plant

Professor Emeritus Lloyd Luedecke instructing in the WSU Creamery's Pilot Plant

The WSU Creamery maintains a 455 square-foot Pilot Plant that is used by WSU faculty, Food Science graduate students, dairy industry personnel, and Creamery Shortcourses and workshops.
The Pilot Plant is plumbed with steam, hot and cold water, and compressed air to enable a variety of dairy processing and procedures, which can be utilized to teach, train, and provide research for the dairy industry.

Small cheese vats, homogenizers, pasteurizers, and ice cream freezers are available for rent alongside an industry professional. Please email creamery@wsu.edu if interested.

Purchasing cheese from the WSU Creamery helps support student employees of Washington State University by providing competitive wages and valuable work experiences. A portion of the revenue from the sale of WSU Creamery products is used for educational support of Food Science students.